Saturday, October 22, 2011

A new start

I have decided to come back to Blogger and launch a new beginning. I started with Blogger, moved to Wordpress, and once starting back to work fulltime blogging was the first thing to fall. My Wordpress blog is here:

My hope with my blog is to document my stitching, and maybe including my return to college for my BA - currently English and Visual Arts majors.

I will begin my blog with a few pictures of recent exchanges: My first exchange with Hooked on Exchanging, from Becky K. for the Words of Christmas, it is so beautiful:
My birthday gifts from my Yahoo group of stitchers:

From Cheryl:

From Kathy:

From Dane:

I joined in exchange #26 with Fair and Square blog, and I love the squares Pam K. stitched for me:

It feels good to post again. Nancy


  1. welcome back Nancy! Got your new blog bookmarked!

  2. Welcome back to the blogger world ;o) I like blogging as a crative diary and to share ideas with others. I´m your first follower ;o)